Drop the ME and Focus on the OTHERS – The Power of Gratitude – by Di Tran, the Author

“When I legally immigrated to the U.S. from Vietnam with my family at the age of 12, we had to search through dumpsters to find a mattress for me to sleep on. Since that time, I learned English, became a U.S. Citizen, earned 3 college degrees, and founded ten businesses all thanks to the amazing kindness and support of people in our great State of Kentucky.

For the last 24 years, I humbly paid their kindness forward by helping others get better jobs or start their own business, and by treating everyone with dignity and respect. With your support, I will help even more people improve their lives, achieve their dreams, and leave a positive legacy for Kentucky.

Di Tran
Di Tran for Louisville Kentucky

My Platform

Workforce Development

Without any government support, Di Tran has trained close to 1000 people to enter new careers at higher paying wages in the beauty industry. He is now turning his attention to tech and leveraging his skills as a computer software engineer to enable more people to fill open positions with good paying wages. As a representative of the 37th District, Di Tran will continue to help everyone find employment and provide guidance and mentorship to those who want to be self employed. With over 20 years experience as an owner of over 10 business, it is his pledge to help others achieve the American Dream. Let everyone know: #WeAllCount

Business and Home Ownership

The goal of every immigrant is to own a home in America one day. Di Tran believes we need to expand this to businesses and remind all Americans what it means to achieve the American Dream. By encouraging home and business ownership, we leave a stronger legacy for the generations to come. Di has personally helped over 20 individuals on the path to business ownership. He knows the struggles of trying to figure out the steps necessary to achieve this challenging dream. He pledges to help map the steps and show those who want to try what is necessary to own your own business. Be sure to tell everyone: #WeAllCount

Fairness for All

Knowing first-hand what it is like to be different, Di Tran has compassion for anyone that feels excluded, discriminated against, or alone. He works hard to make sure anyone that wants to try to get ahead can and he will do the same for Kentucky. One way that we can ensure the people of the 37th district are treated fairly is by participating in the 2020 U.S. Census. This will determine how Billions of dollars are allocated throughout the U.S. for the next 10 years. To receive our fair share, we need to participate so every need in our district can be recognized.

The 2020 Census forms will arrive by mail around mid-March. Please fill them out. And, help spread the word: #WeAllCount.

Everyone Should Vote

When people don’t take the time to learn about their government or to vote, we lose our rights to control. I lived in a country where the government’s lack of support for the people led to poverty, crime, and corruption. We had no say in our government. In America, all of us can be represented and our needs can be addressed. However, if we do not register to vote or speak up, our voices cannot be heard. My primary focus for this campaign is to encourage all Kentuckians to register to vote and learn how our government works.

Everyone should know that their voice is important. Please tell them: #WeAllCount And click the button below to register to vote by April 20, 2020 to participate in the May 19 primary election.

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