Di Tran - Drop the ME and Focus on the OTHERS - Book Cover

Drop the ME and Focus on the OTHERS – The Power of Gratitude and the application of the Law of Attraction – Author Di Tran – 2022 – 1st Edition – Release 09-22-2022

This book shares the real example of successes in the application of the Law of Attraction with the focus on the OTHERS when it takes the author to a new height in his career as an Information Technology professional in corporate life, and parallelly also in his small business owning life.

Drop the “ME” and Focus on the “OTHERS”: The Power of Gratitude – by Di Tran, the Author


Being an underdog is the best position from my experience. “You only have one way you can go as an underdog, and that’s up” someone once told me. “People are the most frightened by someone who does not have anything to lose, not the one who is strong, big, or successful,” another friend shared with me. I never actually thought of life in this way, but it is interesting that I gained another perspective. Nevertheless, it is a way to motivate you to stand up when you fall. I always knew that I was coming from the worst of the worst. “I came from a place where the homeless in the United State were far better off than I was.” I have sometimes shared this information with people, referring to my hometown in Vietnam, where food was lacking to the level that when I craved something sweet, I could not even find sugar in my family’s kitchen to soothe the hunger. In America, simply ask and there is food available through many non-profit organizations. At my Catholic church in South Louisville, our priest and volunteers, including myself, hand out boxes and boxes of food every Friday, and we have been doing so for years. We often load a car trunk full of food, and these include fresh food products from Dare to Care. “We cannot be physically hungry in the United States, but we are hungry for life goals, or the meaning of life,” a mentor told me. I could not agree more. “There are a large number of young people in the US, who are depressed and lost, and that can be scary” a successful parent told me, referring to how she worries for her kids who are about to start college.

As I write this, I realize once again how thankful I am to God, the United States of America, my origin country Vietnam, and all the people involved in my life. These influences have determined what I have today and who I have become up to this point. I have always been an underdog, on the bottom rung of the ladder in all aspects of life. I was a kid who was laughed at for not speaking, and when I did speak, I was laughed at for my strange foreign accent. I was a funny looking, skinny kid who froze when I had to stand in front of people, a kid who had not one word to say during a class presentation. I was a kid who was so poor that I only had one pair of pants, which I wore so much that they smelled. I was a kid who was simply different and weird in the eyes of many. All these experiences combined to make a man, built from a kid who experienced many walks of life. Most importantly, these experiences made that kid walk the walk, think the thought, write the words, speak the incomprehensible sentence, present in front of the scary crowd, recognize and appreciate the hardships that come with hard work to overcome challenges in life, and highest of all, cherish the “others” around him.





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