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FAITH – “Drop the ME and Focus on the OTHERS” – Book by Di Tran – Snippet


“What you cannot get, often means it does not belong to you, and there can be many reasons for this,” Mom explained. She always taught us that if you cannot achieve a certain desirable result, it means only one of two things. One is that you are not ready or capable of handling it, and the second is that the result might not be appropriate for you even if you do get it. The first reason means that you need to strengthen your capabilities as an individual or business. In the second reason, you should pick a different method, choice, or product for your personal or business needs; otherwise, it will only land you in a worse place. This may sound far-fetched, because it means you have faith in something that is unknown. “Son, everything in life is unknown, even when you have already done it once or many times. Nothing guarantees the same result again. What I will tell you is there must be something that you keep standing solid and strong in any condition, and that is faith in God.” I have learned that one may teach you to believe in yourself, but humans are weak, especially in the United States where individualism is emphasized. I have tried many times and faith in oneself is not sustainable and consistent, because human beings are inconsistent. Faith in God is more solid and dependable.

“Faith in God is not to tell yourself that we have a reason to blame someone or make excuses; it is to tell ourselves that God has a plan for us,” Mom explained. “God never gives anyone more than we can handle – a burden is always bearable when it comes to you. If that were not the case, it would not land in your lap.” So, undesirable results that we call failures are often the burdens that are not for you to bear, or the burden that you are not yet ready to bear. I now understand that it might be a burden, which requires you to strengthen up and prepare for it before the next time it reappears.


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“Drop the ME and Focus on the OTHERS” by Di Tran – CEO of Di Tran Enterprise (Louisville Institute Technology, Louisville Beauty Academy, Tran Family Properties, Nail Salon Chains and Others





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