Di Tran’s First Book – Success Begin and End with Focusing in Others

 “A Step forward is better than standing still. Standing still today is a step back for tomorrow.” Mom teaches us. Human requires progress in life, and a drive to move forward naturally. “Son, life is hard, and you will face many times when you are stuck, unmotivated, and facing conditions that gives you no desirable result.” Mom shares. “Understand that no desirable result is still a result and still progress. What is not acceptable is no results and no results will only exist when you stand still.” Mom elaborates. “Progress, son. Progress is needed and important in life, and more importantly progress toward value add to life and community.” Mom continues. I learned to daily one of each of the following: learn at least one new thing, read one new thing, write one new thing, speak to one other person, help improvement on one thing, and all toward with the goal of value-add. Each of these actions added a small progress, a small win, and a small accomplishment of the day; combined it gives me the happiness, the self-value, and others focus. An accumulation of these makes the me of today a better version of the me yesterday, and a lot more of the me from years ago.

 “Same concept applies to the lives of business, professional and personal, son. Everything needs progress, and requirement of the delivery of progress exist everywhere, even when we do know it.” Mom confirms. “Provide the community, the others, and the self the added values progress, a step forward they need each and every day” mom states. I have people who ask me hypothetical questions that if I die today, would I regret anything? Maybe because of my application of this guiding principle, I am not sure If I would regret anything. For the past 20 years, I often work three to five jobs, for seven days a week. I maximized my time to add values to community and I can attest I receive a lot back from others. I am unsure if I even have time at all to think much about self to regret or worry much. Dale Carnegie, the author of the book called “how to stop worrying and start living” confirms this fact that when you live to the fullest, you are too busy to worry or think about regrets.


Drop the ME and Focus on the OTHERS – by Di Tran, CEO of Louisville Institute Technology and Louisville Beauty Academy




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